Wednesday, 8 July 2015

How has Herboldsheimer been Spelled?

Here is what I have found so far for variants and misspellings of "HERBOLDSHEIMER"-
Herboldsheimer is some cases has been altered to or misspelled  in "US census records", SSDI, and other records.- 17 thus far.
1. Albertshimer
2. Heimer
3. Herbaldsheimer
4. Herboldesheime
5. Herbolds
6. Herboldshei
7. Herboldsheim
8. Herboldshimer
9. Herbolsheime
10. Herboltsheimer
11. Herbolzheimer
12. Herhaldsheimer
13. Herpoldsheimer
14. Herpolsheime
15. Herpolsheimer
16. Hevbalsheuser
17. Nerboldsheimer

If you happen across others please note in the comments along with a reference. Thanks you!

ddr 09JUL2015

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