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A. Herboldsheimer - Civil War- Company K (Topeka Battery), Shawnee County, Kansas

History of Shawnee County, Kansas, and Representative Citizens
Civil War
Second Kansas Regiment of militia-
"Company K (Topeka Battery)Ross Burns*, captain; Tobias Billings and Charles H. Wyckoff,* lieutenants; Charles H. Gibson, ist sergeant; James Anderson*, John Armstrong*. John S. Branner*, Justus Brockway, Nicholas Brown*, Charles H. Budd*, Daniel Copson, J. F. Cummings, Dan- iel Dawson, John Devine, William Farren, R. Fitzgerald. J. E. Follansbee*, Guilford G. Gage*, C. K. Gilchrist, George Ginnold*, Daniel Handley*, Nathan Harvey, A. Herboldsheimer. J. H. Holman*. Ben Hughes*, A. "

In the list of men in the Topeka Battery only those designated by stars* were with Captain Burns in the same battle, the others remaining in Topeka to guard the city.

Note- A. Herboldsheimer without *. It appears that A. Herboldsheimer was one of those remaining in Topeka to guard the city.

"In October 1864, Topekans erected a stockade of cottonwood logs for protection against Price's raid. The flimsy roofless structure was derisively called "Fort Folly" by citizens who pointed out that it would be scant protection against artillery. The Second Regiment of the Kansas State Militia, however, engaged in a bloody skirmish with Price's forces at the Big Blue River near Kansas City, Missouri. The regiment, composed of men from Topeka and Shawnee County under the command of Col. George Veale, met a vastly superior enemy force on October 22. Although forced to retreat, the regiment inflicted severe losses and helped to check Price's advance. The Topeka battery, attached to the regiment as Company K, took up a position in a lane near the crossing of the river where they repulsed two spirited cavalry charges but succumbed to a third. Eight men were killed, four wounded, and ten, including Captain Ross Burns, were taken prisoner. Burns stood by his piece until he was clubbed into insensibility and dragged from the field."



John Phillip August Herboldsheimer
Birth: Sep. 20, 1836
Bavaria (Bayern), Germany
Death: Feb. 1, 1885
Shawnee County
Kansas, USA

John Phillip August Herboldsheimer came to Kansas from Michigan. He was the proprietor of the Topeka Brewery at the corner of Crane and Madison streets. He and his family resided at the same location.
He served with Company K (Topeka Battery) of the 2nd Regiment of the Kansas State Militia, the "Home Guard," organized Oct. 12, 1864.
He was married to Ida Herboldsheimer. He married Mary J. Hladky on February 23, 1878 at Topeka. Mr. Herboldsheimer died at his residence on Feb. 1, 1885, of dropsy, according to a local newspaper.

John Phillip August Herboldsheimer and his parents, John Peter Herboldsheimer (1807 - 1863) and Barbara Herboldsheimer (1806 - 1896) were all born in Bavaria (Bayern), Germany

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