Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Herboldsheimer Murdered by German Doctors 1939-1948

HERBOLD, HERBOLDSHEIMER , HERBOLZHEIMER Murdered by German Doctors 1939-1948


List of persons murdered by German medical doctors between 1939 and 1948
A file for each person exists in the German State Archive (except those marked with *, who were the victims in Stetten)

(Names beginning with "He - Hn")
born //   First name (Maiden name)  // Last name

born 1917.07.22 Adele Herbold

born 1900.12.07 Marie Katharina (geb. Lindner) Herboldsheimer

born 1889.09.18 Margarete Herbolzheimer

"unknown if three forms of surname actually related. 

2007 ddr

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